Sugarshida's 1st Birthday Giveaway

Play the game below to participate in Sugarshida's 1st Birthday Giveaway for your chance to win a grand prize:  

1 Halloween Themed Custom Vanilla Cake ($75 value)

2 Paint Your Own Halloween Cookies ($10 value)

2 Halloween Mini Packs ($10 value) 

6-Count Halloween Cookie Gift Box ($25 value) 

$20 Sugarshida Gift Certificate ($20 value) 

A winner will be drawn at random and announced on Wednesday, October 30th at 4 PM. Winner must be local (Fresno/Clovis area) and be able to claim their prize by Thursday, October 31st before 4 PM in north Fresno.


One entry per person.

Must submit correct riddle answer to validate entry. 

Good luck! 

What is Cupcakenstein's favorite food?
What is my favorite food, you ask?
You'll find the answer through this simple task.
Unscramble the Halloween words below. 
Find the special letters, then you will know!


6th Letter 


3rd Letter 


7th Letter 


3rd Letter 


6th Letter 
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