Made up of a sister-in-law duo, Sugarshida offers delicious, inspired desserts to the Fresno and Clovis area. Kellie and Jamie are self-taught bakers who are constantly researching, creating, and experimenting. 

 A few years back, Kellie picked up an icing bag for the first time. From her curiosity came edible works of art. Stunningly beautiful sugar cookies that were almost too pretty to eat... almost.

In 2016, she began sharing her culinary talents and fulfilling orders for birthdays, holidays, and the occasional wedding. Jamie helped organize the business side of this new venture and crafted a brand that reflected the sweet, simple charm of Sugarshida.

Eventually piquing her culinary curiosity, Jamie began baking cakes, and her fascination grew tier by tier. In October 2018, she left her office job to pursue full-time baking and grow Sugarshida as a certified home bakery.


Combining the best of both worlds, Jamie and Kellie's signature cakes are adorned in hand-decorated sugar cookies. A concept that proves cake decorations can be just as impressive and delicious as the cake itself.


Today, we specialize in cakes and cookies and have expanded our offerings with cupcakes, cake pops, and other tasty treats. We welcome custom orders and encourage new ideas! 


How in the world did we get our name?  

The family name, Higashida, combines with our favorite ingredient, Sugar, for a name as unique and fun as our desserts. 

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