When we say custom, we mean it.

Our sugar cookies can tell a story or ask a question. 


"Will you be my bridesmaid?"


With your imagination and our creativity, the possibilities are endless.

But even we know too many choices can become overwhelming.


So let's break it down.

Flavor & Durability

Sugar Cookie Flavor

Our sugar cookie recipe is crafted to produce delicious, durable cookies that will steal the show and melt in your mouth. Our cookies are meant to withstand hours of decorating, packaging, and handling, so you can expect a texture much firmer than the round frosted cookies you'll find at your local grocery store.


You should be able to tap our iced cookies against the counter without breaking, but they should be easy to bite into and crumble when split in half. 


Our icing is sweet and has a nice, crisp texture once fully dried. Our icing is meant to hold its shape and withstand packaging without damaging or manipulating its design. 

When a cookie is completely coated in a layer of icing, it should have a soft bite but still be hard and dry to the touch. More intricate decorations - such as leaves, flowers, and writing - will be much crunchier and stiffer. These details are often used sparingly and may be removed before you eat your cookie. 

Shelf Life 

Unless otherwise discussed, all custom cookies are baked and decorated the week of your fulfillment date. They will come packaged in a closed box tied with ribbon or can be individually wrapped in heat sealed bags as favors for an additional charge.


Cookies should be left in their package at room temperature until you're ready to display and/or serve - up to 3-5 days. If you plan to save any decorated cookies for longer than 1 week, place them into airtight bags and containers and freeze for up to 3 months. The day before you plan to use them, place them in the refrigerator to "defrost." Then bring them to room temperature and enjoy. Icing decorations should remain intact, but slight changes may occur. 

Sizes & Quantity 

We do not require minimums for custom cookie orders. Rather, pricing will depend on the total quantity of cookies you need as well as the number of unique designs and styles in your set. Our standard sized cookies are typically 3" to 4.5" depending on the shape. 

And yes, we offer gluten-free sugar cookies!

Design & Color

For events, go with designs that complement your theme or color scheme. 

For personalized gifts, include the recipient's name or favorite character. 

Our colors are hand-mixed to match your desired look as closely as possible.

Consider metallic golds or silvers to accent special features. 

Have inspo photos of your theme? Send them our way.

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Interested in placing a custom order? 

Visit our Custom Orders & FAQs page to learn how to go about it.

Then get in touch with us once you're ready to discuss ideas!