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Custom Sugar Cookies

What are we celebrating?

With your imagination and our creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Our artisan sugar cookies fit perfectly into each of life's special occasions.


Bridal & Wedding




Characters & Themes

Interested in Custom Sugar Cookies?

Here are some things to consider... 


We do not require minimum quantities for standard sized custom cookies.

Pricing is based on total quantity needed as well as intricacy and number of unique designs.

Standard Sized Cookies are typically 3" - 5"

depending on shape and design.

Gluten-Free Cookies Available

Subject to availability.

Minimums will apply for gluten-free cookie orders. 


What is your vision? 

Let's incorporate your color scheme, event branding, or special theme.

Color Schemes & Metallics

Our colors are hand-mixed to match your desired look as closely as possible. 

Metallic golds and silvers are hand-painted and used to accent special features. 

Personalized Gift Boxes

Typically half or full dozen sets with multiple custom designs.

Include recipient's name, favorite colors, or special characters to make a prefect gift.

Reference Photos 

Inspo photos welcome!

We do not offer to replicate other bakers' designs

and will instead create cookies in our own style. 



Our sugar cookies are packaged in a white windowed gift box for a beautifully clean and perfectly giftable presentation. 

Individual Packaging

We can individually heat seal each sugar cookie to  ensure freshness and make for easy sharing.

For a more decorative look, we can also tie each bag with ribbon. 

Shelf Life 

Store cookies at room temperature in their package until you're ready to display/serve. 

Do not refrigerate. Keep in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. 

Interested in placing a custom order? 

Complete a Custom Order Inquiry Form to receive a custom design and price quote. 

Ingredient & Allergy Warnings

Please address any allergy concerns with us directly before placing your order. 

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