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Terms & Conditions

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Please address any allergies or dietary concerns before placing your order.

Most of our desserts include dairy, sugar, gluten, and eggs. Contact us directly for a full ingredient list of any item(s). 

Non-Refundable Deposits 

Full payment for most orders will be due 2 weeks prior to your pick-up date (fulfillment date). 


However, clients placing larger orders, orders which require purchases of unique materials and/or ingredients, or orders during peak or limited scheduling may be asked to submit a non-refundable deposit of 50% upon booking (if more than 2 weeks out). Or you may be asked to pay in full sooner than 2 weeks before your pick-up date.


Deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your order at any time, the deposit cannot be used as a credit for future orders. It will be forfeited.

Large custom orders may require us to turn away other orders to properly fulfill the order. When this is the case, we may ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit (or require full payment earlier) upon placing your order to secure your date and confirm our schedule. 


Changes & Modifications to Your Order 

You may make changes to quantity, size, design, or flavor up to 1 week before your pick-up date (NOT your event date). Since our desserts are custom and made-to-order, materials and ingredients are purchased in advance and begin the baking and decorating process several days before your fulfillment date. If we are required to purchase unique or non-refundable items for your order, we cannot refund those amounts. 

We cannot make changes to theme, color scheme, design, decorations, or flavors within 7 days of your order. Please do not ask. 

An extended consultation fee may be applied when making multiple changes to your order. Upon placing your order, we invest time and research to plan for your theme and designs. Going through the consultation and research process an additional time for the same order may result in a fee. This compensates us for the time already invested in your original order and theme. 

This policy applies to all orders and may be updated slightly for very large or highly custom orders. You will be notified in advance if special circumstances apply to your order (see details at the bottom of your email confirmation). 

Cancellations & COVID-19 Concerns

Cancellations for full refunds may be made at least 1 week before your pick-up date (NOT your event date). Certain exclusions may apply. For example, if unique or non-refundable items were purchased, you cannot be refunded for those items. We can arrange for you to pick up those specific items if needed. Any Consultation Fees will not be reimbursed upon cancellations. 


Custom desserts require time and patience. We begin baking and decorating several days before an order is due to ensure careful creation and allow ourselves time for any unexpected issues in the development process. 


Cancellations or rescheduling will not be made within 7 days of the order fulfillment date. We can provide freezing instructions for cookies to be stored up to 6 weeks. Decorated cakes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Or you can slice, cover, and freeze cakes for up to 6 weeks. In certain situations, a fully decorated cake may be carefully frozen then thawed/served at a later date.

These cancellation policies apply to most orders and may be updated slightly for very large or highly custom orders. Any special circumstances or policy changes will be noted in your email confirmation. 

We understand the difficulties of event planning and growing concerns regarding COVID-19 and have updated our policies to be as fair and accommodating for clients as possible. Carefully review all Policies before placing an order with us.


We ask that you communicate with us honestly and immediately if your event may be affected by COVID-19. However, no exceptions to our policies will be made due to COVID-19 related issues. 

Late Arrivals & No-Shows 

Upon placing your order, we specify our available hours for your pick-up date and include your desired pick-up time in your email confirmation. We are not available for pick-ups after closing time on Fridays or during the weekends. It is your responsibility to arrive during your schedule time. 

Contact us immediately if you need to reschedule your pick-up time. We cannot accommodate late arrivals outside of our business hours. If your order is not picked up by closing time on Friday, your pick-up can be rescheduled for the next business day (usually the following Monday). A Late Fee may be required if we are forced to make arrangements outside of our business hours (this is not always possible). We are not responsible for forgotten orders or no-shows. No refunds will be made in these cases. 

Our desserts - especially cold desserts (i.e. cakes, cupcakes, cake pops) - are not meant to be left in the sun, heat, wind, or any outdoor conditions for more than a few minutes. This is especially true during hot summer months. 

It is not safe, or ideal, to leave desserts on the porch for late pick-ups. We cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, melted, or forgotten items left on the porch due to late arrivals or no-shows. No reimbursements will be made in this instance. 

Damage, Storage, & Transport

Once a dessert leaves our home bakery in your possession, we are no longer responsible for it. We cannot grant refunds for broken cookies, smashed cakes, or other damages once the desserts have left our care. 


All desserts are delicate and should be handled with care. Do not stack boxes on top of each other in the car. Place all items firmly on the floor or seat to avoid sliding and tumbling. At pick-up, we can help you to your car and assist in placing items for travel. 

If you notice broken cookies or damaged desserts upon pick-up or delivery, please notify us immediately before leaving with your item(s). Refunds may be granted in these situations, or we may be able to fix certain issues. 

Cold Desserts (Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, etc.)

Cakes and other cold desserts should be refrigerated until you are ready to display and/or serve. If your celebration is taking place outdoors during high temperature months, cold desserts should be displayed no more than 5-10 minutes (e.g. enough time to sing Happy Birthday) before cutting and serving. Most cold desserts use fresh buttercream, chocolate, and other ingredients that may melt or deform in the heat. 

Traveling with Cakes 

We offer delivery for local destinations (Fresno, Clovis, and certain nearby cities) based on availability. Delivery fee is determined by distance. If you prefer for us to deliver your cake to you, it will arrive in a sturdy cardboard travel box, and we are responsible for delivering the cake to you in flawless condition. 

If you opt to pick up your cake and transport it yourself, we are not liable or responsible for the cake once it leaves our care. Please look at your cake and inspect it before leaving our premises. 


Please make sure your vehicle is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. We use dowels and internal structures to build sturdy cakes, but they are very fragile and can be damaged easily. Drive carefully and slowly, and make sure the cake box is placed flat on the ground or floor board, in the shade, with the AC on. 

Satisfaction & Design 

We understand that we are in the business of custom products, and our work is open to interpretation and subject to personal opinions. Please take the time to browse our past designs and get a feel for our style of work before placing a custom order with us. We appreciate any inspiration photos you may want to share with us, but we are not in the business of duplicating other bakers' work and will not guarantee replication of any desserts - it's often difficult for us to replicate our own designs. 



Upon pick-up or delivery, if you are not satisfied with the look of your dessert(s) - and they do not accurately reflect your Order Details - you are not obligated to take the item(s). In certain situations, design adjustments may be made. However, results cannot be guaranteed at this point, and charges may be applied for additional changes.

After pick-up or delivery takes place, no refunds based on design and/or aesthetic will be considered.

Taste & Texture

We take great pride in the execution and taste of our desserts. All recipes have been tested, perfected, and enthusiastically enjoyed before ever being offered on our menu. However, we understand not all clients have the same tastes.


If you are not happy with the taste of your dessert, please notify us within 24 hours of your event date. If you cannot use the item(s), we may arrange for product returns, partial or full refunds, or a remake (this is a very rare solution and depends on availability). 

Store your desserts properly until they are displayed/served. Improper storage may affect the taste and texture of your desserts.


At pick-up or delivery, if you notice any errors in design, spelling, flavor, quantity, or otherwise, please notify us immediately. We may be able to remedy any errors in time for your celebration or send a reimbursement if necessary. 

By submitting payment for your order, you agree to these policies.

Thank you for your business and continued support! 

No exceptions to these policies will be made under any circumstance.

Please address any questions or concerns regarding these policies with us before submitting your payment. 

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